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Portfolio Accounting Professional

Innovest Portfolio Solutions

Job Posting
Aug. 27, 2018

Innovest Portfolio Solutions
Innovest is an independent investment consulting firm with a client-centered culture. We have built a team of talented professionals with expertise in a variety of disciplines that benefit our clients. We are looking for an experienced professional to help support the efforts of our portfolio accounting and performance measurement teams. A potential candidate must be a self-motivated individual who can thrive in an environment where time management, communication, follow-through and attention to detail are critical. A proven strong character and desire to work in a team environment is a must.

1. Support portfolio accounting team in the following areas:

  • Data aggregation from custodians
  • Daily reconciliation 
  • Booking alternative manager information
  • Rebalancing reports 
  • Monthly reconciliation 
  • Annual audit requests
  • Partnership accounting 
  • Tax reporting 


2. Support performance measurement team in the following areas:

  • Custom monthly performance reports
  • Custom quarterly performance reports
  • Tracking performance and reporting on alternative and private investments



  • Exceptional character
  • Investment expertise
  • Demonstrated and advanced working knowledge of portfolio and partnership accounting systems
  • 5+ years of prior experience working with portfolio and partnership accounting systems
  • Absent proven job experience a degree in Accounting, Business Administration, Finance or Economics
  • Excellent communication skills and advanced knowledge of Excel
  • Exceptional references


How Should Candidates Apply?

  1.      Please visit our careers webpage at
  2.      Complete the application form
  3.      Submit your resume and cover letter to to complete the application process

Contact Information
Whitney Wilkinson