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CFA Society Tucson Webinar: Structured Credit Markets, Interval Funds & Market Downturns with Dave Goldfarb

June 30, 2020
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


CFA Society Tucson welcomes Dave Goldfarb for a virtual presentation June 30, 12PM PST. Mr. Goldfarb is the former CFO and Head of Strategy at Lehman Brothers and current CEO of Chauncey Advisors, LLC. a consultancy and advisory services firm partnering with One William Street Capital Management on the 1WS Credit Interval Fund. He will discuss the Covid-19 impact on structured credit markets and his recent work with interval funds. With current events top of mind Mr. Goldfarb will also share his thoughts on market downturns. Register today as this event will likely reach capacity as CFA Society Tucson welcomes neighboring society members to participate.

Dave Goldfarb

Chief Executive Officer, Chauncey Advisors, LLC. - A consultancy and advisory services firm partnering with One William Street Capital Management on the 1WS Credit Interval Fund.

Prior to Chauncey Advisors, Mr. Goldfarb was a Senior Managing Director at Cantor Fitzgerald, where he was the Global Head of Asset Management, Wealth Management, and Business Development. He was responsible for building out, managing, and overseeing all aspects of Cantor’s global asset management and wealth management businesses.

Prior to joining Cantor Fitzgerald, Mr. Goldfarb spent three years as a managing director of LAMCO, LLC, an asset management business responsible for the wind-down of Lehman Brother’s assets and operations.

Prior to that, Mr. Goldfarb spent 15 years at Lehman Brothers where he as a member of the executive committee. He held various senior leadership roles, including Global Head of Strategic Partnerships and Principal Investing, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Strategy Officer. He also served as chairman of the Firm’s Pension Trustee Committee.

Prior to Lehman, Mr. Goldfarb was a partner is the financial services group at Ernst & Young, where his consulting and audit clients included global financial services firms, e.g. JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Sumitomo, Bankers Trust, Lehman Brother and Paine Weber.

Mr. Goldfarb holds a BS in accounting from the University of Maryland and has served on several of the University’s Boards and Committees.