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CFA Society Colorado - Lunch With The Candidates

April 05, 2018
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Denver Country Club
1700 E. 1st Ave
Denver, CO 80218
Venue website

Join CFA Society Colorado for 'lunch with the candidates' event on Thursday, April 5th.  Several gubernatorial Democratic candidates will briefly present their policy visions for the Colorado economy. 


Donna Lynne


Donna Lynne is Colorado’s 49th Lieutenant Governor and Chief Operating Officer. She is widely respected as both a leader in the private sector, and an expert in public health. She began her career working in the public sector where she worked for the city of New York, eventually serving as the Director of the Mayor's Office of Operations. She then went to work in the private sector running large health plans, most recently serving as the head of Kaiser in Colorado, and other states. In her role, she was managing a $9 billion budget and 16,000 employees. Now as Lt. Governor and Chief Operating Officer, she oversees the operations for Colorado's state government, which has a $28 billion budget and 30,000 employees. Donna is running for Governor because Colorado has made a lot of progress under John Hickenlooper, but there’s a lot more to be done to stay on the right track. And many of the challenges we must face are tough and complicated. But, that doesn’t scare her, because she’s been doing tough and complicated her whole life.

Mike Johnston

At a time when our politics can seem very dark, Mike Johnston believes we can still do big things if only we have the courage to cross the divides we see all around us. In times like these, that can be a path that’s hard to see. But Mike knows we can get there because it’s what he’s been doing his entire life. Mike is a visionary leader with the courage to run toward the biggest problems, and the head and heart needed to solve them.

Who is Mike Johnston? Mike grew up on the western slope of Colorado helping run the family business, and he started his career as a teacher in

one of the poorest schools in Mississippi, an experience that inspired him to write his acclaimed book, “In the Deep Heart’s Core.” After teaching there, Mike graduated from Yale Law School and came home to Colorado to become a school principal who took one of the toughest high schools in the state and turned it into the first high school where 100% of seniors were admitted to a 4-year college, prompting President Barack Obama to say, “We need a Mike Johnston in every school.”

Mike was a top policy advisor to President Obama and he was twice elected to the State Senate, where he achieved historic success, passing over 100 progressive bills with bipartisan support. He is a fluent Spanish speaker and the only candidate endorsed by a mayor of Denver, a Colorado governor and a U.S. Senator. His wife Courtney is a Chief Deputy District Attorney, and they have three children: Seamus, Emmet and Ava.

Now he’s running for Governor, with big, bold plans to take Colorado into the future. 100% renewable energy by 2040. Debt-free tuition and job skills training for anyone willing to work for it. A public option to let Coloradans buy into Medicaid to make health care affordable.

With all the tumult and dysfunction of this political season, there are those who say now is a time to be cautious and lay low. Mike is different. He believes there’s never been a more important moment to stand firm in what we believe and to move confidently towards everything Colorado can become, showing the rest of the country what we can build together.

That’s his plan. That’s his vision.

And that’s the kind of Governor he’ll be.

Erik Underwood 

I am running for Governor, because I have a plan and vision for Colorado on day one. I want to leave a legacy of accomplishments for our State, enhancing the lives of everyday Coloradans, achieved during my tenure as the next Governor of Colorado." - Erik 

Erik Underwood is a Coloradan that has great government experience, as a former United States Senate Staffer in Washington, D.C. Erik came from a single parent household from challenging circumstances. Being the oldest child of six, Erik had to learn early on to lead. His background as an entrepreneur in digital content and mobile platform technology (CEO & Founder of My24), taught him to value innovation. Erik wants to take that entrepreneurial leadership experience to become the next Governor of Colorado. He has Solutions with a Vision for Colorado...Not Soundbites.  


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